Migun Thermal Massage Bed System                                                            

Trying is believing, just lie back and relax!


Introducing Migun Thermal Massage Bed, a unique demonstration center that offers the Canadian public a revolutionary therapeutic massage system like no other. It’s not a conventional massage equipment; it’s a new way to a healthier lifestyle.

The demand for alternative and integrated health products is growing rapidly, especially among the elderly population. In the self-care arena, where an increasing number of people are using alternative medicines to take charge of their health, Migun has developed products that address the health concerns of this demographic.


Migun has been established since 1988 in South Korea, offering people a unique alternative health care product to better improve their health and overall well-being. The Migun Thermal Massage System is approved by FDA as a class II medical instrument under the 510K regulations. Migun also has acquired numerous patents, recognized awards, achievements, and have been clinically tested.

The Migun Experience

As societal changes reflect changes in the workplace; accordingly, our overall health and well-being needs become altered. Every human being uses their back to support the weight of their body, which results in tremendous wear and tear affecting the vertebrae, organs, and your body’s qi. Without renewal and direct intervention this deteriorating effect will continue.

The Migun Thermal Massage System uniquely integrates thousands of years of Eastern medical wisdom with the technological advancements of Western medicine to provide you with a rejuvenating massage like no other.

The (5) Principles Behind the Migun Thermal Massage Bed

Acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and far infrared therapy are all rolled into one to provide you with a deep, relaxing, soothing heat massage, while also giving your spine a soothing stretch plus stimulating the key acupuncture points, blood vessels, and muscles to accelerate and improve blood circulation. You don’t have to worry about invasiveness or discomfort of any needles. As you lie down and relax on the Migun thermal massage bed, your body weight, along with the internal Jade stone probes gives you the effect of acupuncture. According to oriental medicine, jade has always been known to have mysterious healing affects, promoting longevity, and discharging toxins from our bodies.

A New Way of a Healthier Lifestyle!

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"Increase Energy"

"Relieve Stress"

"Reduce Muscle Aches"

"Reduce Muscle Pain"

"Weight Loss"

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