Welcome to our Survey section, If you are a regular user of our Migun thermal massage bed system at our center or have purchased a Migun thermal massage bed, please kindly take the opportunity to provide us with your personal feedback by filling out the survey form in this section.

By filling out this survey, you will help us to greater improve our Migun products, handle any of your important concerns, and provide greater customer care excellence.

Thank–you for giving us your valuable time in taking the opportunity to take part in this survey and choosing Migun.

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How did you hear of Migun?
How long have you been coming to Migun?
Why are you coming to Migun?
Have you tried other thermal massage beds?
If so, which brands have you tried?
Overall, what would be the most important factors for choosing a Migun product?
How far do you live from Migun?
How often do you come to Migun?
What do you think about our free trial?
Do you think your health has improved while using the Migun product?
What should be improved to make your Migun experience more pleasant?
How much time are you willing to spend at the Migun demonstration centre?
Would you be willing to participate in any free health seminars?
Would you refer someone else to Migun?
Overall, how would you rate our demonstration centre (Excellent, Good, Fair, Not Satisfied)



















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