Migun is an innovative leader in the alternative health care industry and we invite you to join us as we meet the extraordinary demands of this industry.

Learn about Migun’s extraordinary marketing strategy: Free Trial Demonstration Centers. Migun has adopted a customer-centric business model and strongly believes that a company must deliver total customer satisfaction in order to attain long-term growth.

Satisfied customers become loyal advocates of the company and will spread the word to others, creating positive word-of-mouth advertising and ultimately, long term growth for the company.

Migun believes that "word of mouth" advertising is the most important way to spread the word about our incredible products. We are so confident in the efficiency and benefits of our products that we offer a unique FREE trial period to those who visit our Demonstration Centers.

Once you personally experience the positive effects of our Migun Thermal Massager, you will not only REALIZE the incredible benefits it has to offer, you will FEEL the benefits as well.

Some wonder how Migun is able to earn a profit by offering free trials with no obligation to purchase. Migun believes that the only way to achieve growth and long- term profits is to develop a loyal customer base. Loyal and satisfied customers are spreading the word by encouraging others to try our products.

Remember that no one is under any obligation to purchase a unit. Migun values all of our customers. For those who cannot afford a unit, it is enough that they experience the positive effects of our Thermal Massage unit while at our Centers.

Migun offers a free trial system because we want all of our customers to be well informed of the benefits of using the Migun Thermal Massager. Again, the final decision to purchase a product is in the hands of you the customer.

For a Free Business Consultation and Orientation please email or contact us by phone. The Business and Product Orientation will allow you to be able to experience firsthand the positive effects of our Migun product and business.

October 2004
Migun business is one of the top 20 booming businesses in the U.S.A.
Small Business Opportunities Magazine’s October issue wrote an article on our Migun business as one of the fastest growing companies that can earn money. The title reads, "Health Means Wealth", and it chose 10 ventures that can cash in on the trend toward healthy living. If you would like to read more about the article, please download the file. ARTICLE

Migun Health is Wealth # 1
Migun Health is Wealth # 2
























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